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Supporting and Celebrating Success #PGRaisingOlympians

Britmums and P&G are asking the question:  How do you support and celebrate your child’s achievements?

I’m very proud of my children and am always happy when they do well in something, whether it’s The Pickle learning a new word or The Princess showing off her latest dance routine.  

This year, in particular, The Princess has done some fantastic art work and she’s won a few competitions with her colouring and designs.  For one of the competitions she designed an Easter hamper box and won a hamper with her own design on, as well as £100 for her school.  When asked what she thought the £100 should be spent on, she replied with “Some new big books for the library”, as they had been previously damaged in a flood.  This, along with the way she generally thinks of others, led to her being awarded with a trophy for Citizenship at school.  She also designed a special logo for the school’s Olympic week.

In the last couple of months she’s been busy working on her own colouring competition, Pudsey’s Adventures.  She wanted to give other people a chance to win something nice and raise money for Children In Need at the same time.  She had the idea of drawing Pudsey Bear on his adventures and designed a logo of Pudsey in space and also a colouring sheet of Pudsey at the zoo.  She gets excited when we receive a new entry or have another prize donated, even though she knows the prizes are for someone else.

We have supported her success by encouraging her creativity as much as possible.  It often takes a lot of practise and patience (and a lot of paper!) for her to get something exactly how she wants it.  We don’t tend to buy treats such as sweets for doing well, as she is rewarded with prizes when she wins a competition, although she doesn’t expect to win every one she enters and just enjoys taking part.  Sometimes a bit of praise and positive comments are as good as a prize or treat.  She’s not the sort of child who asks for things and sulks if they can’t have it and rather than expensive days out she’s happy to spend a rainy day in the New Forest splashing in puddles as a ‘treat’!

I’m not only proud of her achievements but also proud of the person she is.  Of course she has her moments, as all children do, but is generally a very kind, caring, thoughtful and well behaved little girl and I feel incredibly lucky to be her Mum!

This is an entry for the #PGRaisingOlympians Celebrate Their Success Linky, sponsored by P&G.  Their series of videos show the story of an athlete through the eyes of their mothers, including this one from the Mum of Paula Radcliffe

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