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Sun, Sea and Hama Beads!


Despite a few lovely sunny days, this year the summer holidays have mostly been wet!  This doesn't bother The Princess as she loves splashing in puddles in her bright orange wellies!

She also loves Hama Beads, another great rainy day activity that she doesn't get bored of too quickly.  So when I saw the fab competition over at Patch of Puddles I knew it would keep her entertained for an afternoon!

The theme is 'An Amazing Holiday' and The Princess decided she would like to recreate the above photo, but with her splashing in the sea instead!  She set to work on the background and the sea, then with a little bit of guidance she made a Hama Bead version of herself, complete with orange wellies (although she had to have yellow hair which she wasn't too keen on!)

She wanted to have a go at something 3D as she'd never done this before, but our Hama Bead Princess wouldn't stand up by herself so we had to thread a piece of cotton through the top two beads and hold her up like a puppet! 

The Princess would love to win the competition as the prize is a £100 PlayMerrily voucher, which she could use to re-stock her Hama Beads after using up all the blue ones (and she'd also get some brown ones so she wouldn't need to have yellow hair again!)

Full details of the competition are here.

PS.  Don't forget we also have a set of Hama Beads to give away, plus many other prizes in the Pudsey's Adventures Arty Competition, in which The Princess is raising money for Children In Need.
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