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Painting with babies and toddlers


I recently bought some Silver Spoon 'Colour Creator' for baking, then I noticed on the side of the pack it says "washes off hands easily".  I've used food colouring to make baby-friendly paint before (as The Pickle does put everything in his mouth and tends to taste test the paint!) but it was always a bit of a pain to wash off hands, walls, etc afterwards.

So I thought I'd give this a try and added a few drops of the yellow to a cup of water to make a baby-friendly watercolour paint.  I also gave The Pickle a paintbrush but he decided to use his hands anyway and had lots of fun splatting the paint on to the paper!  He also decided to paint his face with the mixture, so I'm glad I used a food colouring that does wash off easily!

When he got bored of the yellow, the paper was soaking wet, so I used a coat hanger to hang it to dry, with some newspaper underneath to catch any drips.  Then I made up a blue mixture for The Pickle to paint his background.  When the yellow eventually dried I drew around a Pudsey Bear cookie cutter, cut out the shape and let The Pickle stick it onto the background.  He also added a few 'finishing touches' in crayon!

I think it looks like Pudsey is enjoying a spot of surfing!  And I'm pleased to report the Colour Creator did wash off hands, arms, face and hair quite easily!

Why not have a go at using food colouring to make some homemade paints to use with your little one, and enter their work of art into our Pudsey's Adventures competition to win lots of great prizes and help raise money for Children In Need?!

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