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Book Review... My Henry - by Judith Kerr


The Tiger Who Came to Tea has been a firm favourite in our house since The Princess discovered the book at nursery, four years ago.  We bought her a copy which is now shared between herself and her little brother (although, of course, The Pickle would argue it is most definitely his).  It’s not difficult to see why it has become one of the best-selling picture books of all time and sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

Now the author, Judith Kerr, has written an exciting new book, My Henry, published by Harper Collins Children's Books, which looks as if it will be just as popular.

The lady featured in the story has lost her husband, but her imagination lets their marriage continue and they go on all sorts of wonderful adventures.  They do all the fun things they weren’t able to do in everyday life, such as ride on a dinosaur and swim with mermaids, but she also recalls the ‘normal’ things they did and remembers how nice their life together was.

I would say the book is suitable for children of any age – little ones will enjoy looking at the pictures and being read to, while older ones can read it by themselves and understand it more.  The Princess (aged 6) is a confident reader and really enjoyed the story.  She found bits funny, such as when they water ski behind a dolphin and she loved the beautiful illustrations.  The book would be ideal to read with a child who has lost a family member, or even a much loved pet, to help explain the concept of death in the least frightening way possible.

“Henry has turned into an angel.  I like the page where he and the lady have a jungle feast.  I love the front cover because it is pink and has a unicorn, the unicorn has very colourful wings”.

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