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Justin Fletcher - Hands Up... The Album

When The Pickle is having a grumpy day, there’s only one man who can cheer him up.  No, I’m not talking about Daddy, I’m talking about the children’s entertaining legend that is Justin Fletcher of course (more commonly known as Mr Tumble in our house)!

Justin’s album, ‘Hands Up’ was released last week and went straight into the mainstream UK album chart on Sunday at number 16 – a very credible position for a children’s album.

Most of the tracks are classic nursery rhymes, but ‘jazzed up’ versions done in Justin’s unique fashion and have had my 18 month old, his 6 year old sister, even their 29 year old Mummy dancing around the house for the best part of a week! 

Justin’s own song, ‘Hands Up’ (which was released back in November) is incredibly catchy – so catchy in fact that it is still in my head right now despite my best efforts to think of something more ‘grown up’!  The first thing I noticed about this track is how the style reminds me of Britney Spears – it really does sound like something she would release and probably get to the top of the charts with! 

Another thing I noticed is that Justin has a great way of explaining the actions, particularly in Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and The Wheels on the Bus.  This gives children a heads up on what is coming next so that they can join in properly.  The Pickle’s favourite track is Incy Wincy Spider and he is starting to join in with the actions as well as just bopping along!

With 20 songs on the album, and each song being a good length rather than the usual 30 seconds on most nursery rhymes albums, it’s a good CD to have playing in the background, or for a party soundtrack, or even a good old boogie around the living room.  The last few songs are a little calmer than the rest and the album ends with a lullaby, so it’s also a great way to wear the little ones out a bit and then start winding them down ready for bedtime.

I’d highly recommend this album, especially if your little ones are Justin fans!

For more information visit www.justinfletcher.co.uk
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