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Book Review... Up and Down - by Oliver Jeffers


Oliver Jeffers is an award winning picture book author and illustrator, well known for his story about a boy and a penguin, Lost and Found.  Their friendship is revisited in his new book, Up and Down, published by Harper Collins.  The book also features a CD of the story read by Richard E Grant.

The boy and the penguin are best friends who spend all their time together.  But one day the penguin decides he wants to fly.  His wings don’t work very well so he tries jumping from a chair, but that doesn’t work either and luckily the boy is there to cushion his fall.  They try out various ideas but nothing works until the penguin spots an advertisement looking for a living cannonball.  He wonders off by himself and the boy doesn’t know where his friend has disappeared to.  While the boy searches for the penguin, the penguin has second thoughts about flying and wonders if his friend will rescue him…

And of course he does!  The friends head home, happy to be reunited again.

This is a lovely book, perfect for sharing with young children.  The Pickle is too young to understand the story properly at the moment, but he loves listening to me read it and enjoys looking at the beautiful illustrations (he loves penguins!)  As he gets older it will be a great book for teaching him about the importance of friendship (and the fact that penguins can’t fly!)

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