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Book Review... The Lorax - by Dr Seuss


The Lorax, by Dr Seuss has been republished by Harper Collins Children’s Books, to coincide with the release of the film adaptation, starring Zac Efron.  Although I had previously heard of The Lorax, I knew Seuss better for his classic The Cat In The Hat, which was also made into a film in 2003.

First published in 1971, the book is written in Seuss’ unique rhyming style with lots of invented words.  The story is a fable about the dangers of destroying our forests and I think it gives out a strong message about saving our environment.  Children will find the book entertaining but will also learn about the importance of conservation.

The Once-ler is a greedy creature who finds a beautiful land full of truffula trees.  He uses one of these trees to make a thneed, which doesn’t have one particular use but he believes “everyone needs a thneed”.  The Once-ler soon becomes greedy and chops down all the trees, causing all the wildlife to flee and he is left there alone in a polluted place with a factory which he no longer has a use for.  The Lorax warned the Once-ler this would happen but the Once-ler ignored his message.  The story ends in an optimistic way, with the Once-ler realising The Lorax has given him the last remaining Truffula seed.

The new paperback version also includes a CD of the story read by Rik Mayall, who I think has the perfect voice for this style of writing.  Harper Collins will also be releasing The Lorax sticker and doodling books to tie in with the film later this year.
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