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Spotty the Sleepsuit Bunny


This adorable spotty little sleepsuit was The Pickle's first ever outfit, I've kept it in a memory box for the past 15 months and this evening decided it was time to do something with it!  I love the bright spotty design and think it deserves to be on show, rather than sat in a cupboard.

I started by fastening all the poppers, turning inside out and sewing (rather badly) a seam underneath the poppers so The Pickle can't pull it open and pull the stuffing out!  I also sewed the ends of the arms up, just leaving the neck open to put the stuffing in.

After turning it the right way around, I filled it with toy stuffing (if you have lots of old baby clothes, especially ones with stains etc that you don't want to use again, you could cut these into small strips and use as stuffing - it will be a bit lumpier than using standard toy stuffing but a great way to minimise waste!)

I then sewed up the neck line, added a face and ta-daa, The Pickle has a quirky new cushion to cuddle up to, made out of a very special first outfit!

I am linking this up with Red Ted Art's Kids Get Crafty and Dear Beautiful Boy/ Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three's pretty.little.things

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