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Motivation and Mousse!


The festivities are officially over, the tree is down (yet I am still finding pine needles everywhere?!) and I have, yet again, eaten too much rubbish.  I have packed the hubby off to work with a big bag of leftover cakes and chocolates (I have a feeling he is going to be very popular today!) in order to avoid the temptation to eat them myself.  The diet has commenced and the new fitness regime will commence shortly…. Just as soon as I have the motivation.  To be fair, I haven’t got time to exercise at the moment, as I am currently in the middle of a House-a-thon, having got the season 7 box set for Christmas.  I much prefer watching House than the Taebo dvd.    

But, for now, while I sit here with my bowl of Special K (other low fat cereals are available – and some of them may possibly taste less like cardboard), I will leave you with my favourite memory of Christmas 2011….

Delicious Desserts!

For the jellies:

Break up some trifle sponges and place in the bottom of a champagne flute.  Pour in the jelly and leave to set.  Whip up some angel delight, pour on top of the set jelly and top with some mini marshmallows.

For the mousse:

Melt some dark chocolate, leave to cool slightly, then whip up with some double cream.  Scoop a layer into each glass.  Do a layer of white chocolate, followed by another dark layer and top with a whole chocolate, some grated chocolate and anything else you like as long as it’s chocolate!

I’m now very glad I emptied the cupboards of chocolate this morning!  Although, I could always pop to the shop….. is cereal still classed as healthy if it has grated chocolate on top?

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