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Minene 3 in 1 Activity Mat review


The Minene 3 in 1 Activity Mat can be used right from birth (as a play nest) up to 4+ years (as a play mat, followed by a mini sofa) converting easily between the three using just zips and velcro.

The mat is much thicker than most play mats I’ve seen, which is ideal for using on hard floors like ours.  It is quite a large mat and has a soft toy attached.  The cover is removable and washable, so also dries much quicker than others where you have to put the entire play mat in the wash.  This would be even better if you were able to buy spare covers separately, so the product could still be used if one cover was in the wash.

The Pickle loves the mini sofa - we have put it in the corner of the room and he has now claimed this as his reading corner, often sitting there flicking through a book.  I was a bit concerned at how sturdy the sofa would be, as it is very lightweight and I found it easy to push over, so I stood it against a wall to stop it from toppling over in case The Pickle decided to throw himself at it!  He has been trying to climb up onto the sofas for a while now, but they are a bit too high for him at the moment, so it’s nice that he now has his own little sofa and he certainly looks very comfy there!  It's very low to the floor so I don't need to worry about him falling off of it.

The product would also be ideal for twins, or if you have two children close together in age, as the activity mat and sofa are large enough for two.

I haven’t used the product as a play nest, but I have put it together out of interest and it is fairly easy to fasten together and does look very secure.  It would be a suitable place for newborns to play and to sleep during the day.  

Overall, I think the product is very useful, well made and practical.  At £76 it is a little pricey but I do think it’s worth it if you intend to use it right from birth through to 4 years.  It is available in four different colours from www.minene.co.uk.

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