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If you go down to the woods today... W?W


Mammasaurus and Red Ted Art have inspired us to get a bit messy creative this week in the W?W meme.  The idea is you make something, add your blog address or twitter tag, place it somewhere and hope someone finds it and gives it a new home (and maybe reads your blog in the process).

Red Ted Art shows us how to make Rock Monsters this week, so I thought this would be an ideal way to reuse our Christmas pebbles.  The Princess painted over the stones and used a sponge (plus hands!) to create a mottled effect.  We left them to dry before drawing on eyes, noses, mouths and hair, plus the blog address on the back!

Introducing The Princess' Pebble People...

They have now been released - if you find one please let us know!  You could even re-home your Pebble Person for someone else to find, I'm sure it would brighten up someones day and I'd love to see how far they can travel!

Why not head over to Mammasaurus and join in?

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