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Marshmallow Winter Wonderland - Sudocrem Superchef Competition


Sudocrem are running a competition to find 2011's Christmas Superchef!  
All you have to do is come up with a festive recipe and upload it, along with a photo, to their Facebook page before 4th January for your chance to win a 3 day cookery course in France, a £150 Selfridges hamper, or £75 of M&S vouchers (scroll down for more details).

Here is the Marshmallow Winter Wonderland I made with The Princess for my entry.  It’s easy enough for the kids to help with, but be prepared to get very very messy (and be careful with the cocktail sticks)!

Marshmallows (LOTS of marshmallows!)
Food colouring
Tubes of icing
Fizzy shoelaces
Giant chocolate buttons
Cocktail sticks
Any other sweet treats you would like to use (as you can see from the picture I bought way too much… don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste – hubby and I disposed of it during Saturday’s X Factor final!)

Firstly, mix a little red food colouring in a bowl with a small amount of water.  Dip marshmallows in using cocktail sticks, to coat them with colour.  Also do a few brown and a few green and leave on a plate to dry (preferably an old plate just incase the food colouring stains).

Use a large plate or platter to arrange the scene.  Start by building an igloo in the centre, using a little icing to help stack the marshmallows.  Next, stack some of the green marshmallows to make Christmas trees.  Use the tubes of icing to decorate these, we also sprinkled some hundreds and thousands on ours.

Now for the fiddly bits…

For the snowmen, place two white marshmallows on a cocktail stick, followed by a giant chocolate button and smaller marshmallow for his hat!  Add a fizzy shoelace scarf and snap a matchmaker in half for the snowman’s arms.  Use icing for his eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.  For Santa, place one red marshmallow and one pink marshmallow on a cocktail stick.  Use a strawberry for his hat and icing for his face.  If the dessert is going to be eaten straightaway you could even add a squirty cream beard!

For Rudolph, place 3 brown marshmallows on a cocktail stick.  Use matchmakers for his legs and icing for his face.  You could add a red smartie for his nose, but we used icing.  Snap a pretzel in half for his antlers and he’s ready to go!  Add some candyfloss snow, mini marshmallow snowballs, hundreds and thousands, edible glitter, icing sugar – whatever you fancy!  Last but not least we wrote ‘Merry Christmas’ using icing on the front of the platter.  Quickly take a photo of your creation before it is demolished by the rest of the family!

Instructions on how to enter the Sudocrem Superchef 2011 competition:
Step 1- Prepare, bake, fry, steam, boil or stew your own Christmas themed recipe then take a picture of your creation.
Step 2– Visit and ‘Like’ the Sudocrem Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Sudocrem) and click on the Superchef Competition page
Step 3- Follow the competition page instructions: Enter your name, upload your picture and paste your recipe into the text box provided
Step 4- Keep your fingers crossed that the judge, Aggie MacKenzie takes a shine to your creation!

Competition Start Date- 7.12.2011
Competition Finish Date– 4.1.2012
Competition winners announced– 5.1.2012

The Prizes:
1st Prize: 3 day cookery course for 2 in France and £200 contribution towards travel.
2nd Prize: £150 Christmas Hamper from Selfridges
3rd Prize: £75 Marks & Spencer’s vouchers

Have fun with your Christmas creations and good luck if you enter the competition!!
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