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Snap Slappers - The Princess and the magical toadstool

After the fun I had with last week's Rudolph in the snow, I decided to join in with Five Go Blogging's Snap Slappers Blog Hop again (well, any excuse for half an hour faffing around with a photo) and this is the outcome.

The original photo (left) was taken in beautiful Burley, in the New Forest, last weekend.  There were lots of toadstools scattered around and The Princess sat a couple of meters behind one, so the toadstool looks much larger than it actually was.  This time I used Photoscape (another free editing program) to 'faff', I mean edit the picture.  I enhanced the colour and added contrast, blurred the background very slightly, added dark edges and created a few magical fairy sparkles around the toadstool.  I love the results in this magical Autumn picture!

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