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The Princess and The Tooth Fairy


The tooth fairy visited us again last night!  The Princess’ top tooth has been wobbly for absolutely ages, yet her bottom two came out first and they weren’t half as wobbly!  We were convinced it was coming out on Sunday, but stayed in place all through school yesterday, hanging on by a thread! 

The Princess was having great difficulty speaking properly (or “ploperly” as she called it yesterday before asking for some “accle juice”) and was also having trouble eating.  I don’t think it was painful, it was just the fear that eating or closing her mouth to speak would hurt or push the tooth out.  So for the last couple of days she has been walking around with her mouth wide open, looking like she is catching flies!

So we were all very pleased when the tooth finally came out last night, just before bed time. 

When she lost her first tooth, The Princess was among one of those who heard all the malarky about the tooth fairy becoming rich, so she expected £5 because ‘so and so’ got £5… and a letter…. and some sweets…. and a picture of the tooth fairy….

I got 20p when I was little!  Along with most of the people I know!  And although a letter and picture from the tooth fairy sounds like a lovely idea, I do wish all the tooth fairies up and down the country would stick together on this and get their stories straight!  I felt bad that The Princess didn’t get a picture and sweets and £5 when some of her friends did, I don’t want her to think the tooth fairy favours other children over her.

We decided £1 was a good amount for the first tooth and 50p for each tooth afterwards.  Luckily The Princess is not one to moan about other people having more than her and has been very happy with the money the tooth fairy has left for her.

And thank goodness she can now eat and speak ploperly again!

I’d love to hear your tooth fairy tales…  How much do you think is the right amount of money to give?  Does the tooth fairy leave a note?  Is there just one tooth fairy or are there lots of different ones, with different rates?!

This one is off to put her wings back in the cupboard and shine some more coins up...
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