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A Paper Mache Christening banner!


Daddy was minding his own business watching some random film… Highlander 5 I have since been told (I haven’t even seen the first and certainly didn’t know there were 5 of them…)  Anyway, I decided, as any good wife should, that his time would be much better spent helping me.  So I set him to work tearing up pieces of scrap paper.

Earlier that day I had decided it would be a nice idea for The Princess and I to make paper mache letters to use instead of a banner for The Pickle’s Christening.  We soaked some bits of paper (newspaper will do, but we had lots of scribbled-on scrap paper to make use of) in a tub with a mixture of water and PVA glue and started to stick the mushed up paper onto text I had printed out.  We ran out of ‘mush’ and left the first few letters to dry overnight.

That’s when I commandeered the services of Daddy…

The following day we carried on and completed the rest of the letters.  Because we’d used soaking wet paper ‘mush’ and moulded it into shape as we went along rather than doing one layer at a time, the letters did take a couple of days to dry completely before we were able to paint them.

I may have accidentally let Daddy tear up a little bit too much paper and we ended up with quite a bit of ‘mush’ left over.  The Princess decided to make use of this by moulding it into a snowman shape…  Let’s just say it might possibly be dry in time for Christmas!

This is part of The Pickle's Christening and 1st Birthday Celebrations feature.
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