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Christmas Crafty Bits Part 2 - Snowscene Shoebox


I've been busy making a snowscene in a shoebox with The Princess!  I enjoy making things with her that I remember having fun doing when I was her age.  This is a great way to recycle old Christmas cards too!

Firstly, line the shoebox with pretty landscapes from Christmas cards.  Cut out animals, trees, santas, etc, leaving a flap at the bottom to fold so they can stand up.

Glue them all down inside the shoebox before adding some cotton wool 'snow' on the ground. 


Cut a large rectangle out of the lid and replace with white tissue paper to let some light in.

Finally, cut out a small viewing window in the front of the shoebox and decorate the outside.  Look through the viewer to see your magical snowscene!

Check back next week for part 3, part 1 is here incase you missed it!
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