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Christmas Crafty Bits Part 1 - Winter Nature Scene (Thingy)


Can I be forgiven for talking about (dare I say it) Christmas yet?  Sod it, it’s nearly December, the shops are playing Christmas music, I’m off to see Santa on Friday and, more importantly, the Coca Cola advert is on TV… let the countdown to Christmas begin!

My first crafty instalment is this little ‘Winter Nature Scene’ as The Princess named it.  Well, actually, she named it ‘Winter Nature Thingy’, so call it what you like!

We spend a lot of time walking in the New Forest and on one occasion The Princess collected lots of pine cones, stones, acorns, plus a piece of tree bark we found on the ground.  When we got home I cleaned them all up and de-bugged them (!) before we created the ‘thingy’.

The Princess used sticky pads to secure everything down to the piece of bark, then applied a coat of PVA glue over everything to ‘varnish’ it, painted one pine cone green to look like a Christmas tree, added a little white paint to create a snowy effect, plus a little gold glitter for some Christmas sparkle!  Ta-daa!

We’re going to put this in the windowsill, but it would also make a pretty cool table centrepiece.  Check back next week for part 2 of my Christmas Crafty Bits!
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