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The Pickle is One!


That’s right guys, I’m a whole year old now!  It’s hard work being one.  I spend most of my time entertaining Mummy, Daddy and The Princess and the rest of my time practising my walking (which seems to entertain them too).  I haven’t had my birthday party yet… I’ve been told I’m having it in a few weeks… I don’t really know what that’s all about but I’m sure Mummy will tell you all about it on here.  My Nannie did make me a very yummy birthday cake though!  The last year has been very hectic for me…. Here are my favourite photos from my life so far…

Before they let me out...
Here’s me in Mummy’s tummy before they knew what they were letting themselves in for!  My Mummy’s tummy was HUGE but I don't remember anyone else being in there to take this photo. 

One day old
Here I am, just a day old having my first cuddles with The Princess.  I arrived 7 days late and weighed 9lbs 1oz.  I couldn’t see much because my eyes were a bit poorly to start with, so I couldn’t open them very well, but I could tell my big sister was beautiful!

1 month - More cuddles
Daddy and The Princess were looking at me like they were expecting me to do something amazing…. So I poo’d.  In my first month my eyes got much better and I also learnt to smile but I generally spent most of my time sleeping and drinking milk.  Daddy wishes he could spend most of his time sleeping and drinking too, but he usually has to go to a thing called 'work' instead.

2 months - How cute am I??

I had 'settled in' by now and was getting ready for Christmas.  Mummy said Santa might come to our house at Christmas.  I didn't know who he was but I hoped he was a cat because I like those.

3 months - Lots of smiles
Everything was so funny when I was 3 months old!  Except my hair.  My hair was very cool.  The ladies seemed to like it!  Apparently I sounded a bit the 'The Crazy Frog' this month but I'm not so sure.... I thought frogs say 'ribbit!' and that certainly was not one of the sounds I was trying to make.

4 months - All snuggled up
Around this time I had my first taste of real food!  My favourite things were apple and banana puree.

5 months - Beep Beep!
My first driving lesson.  Although it was actually a bit dull because Daddy refused to turn the engine on.  Even when I did puppy dog eyes!  I also learnt to say my first words this month - 'blah' and 'mmmbop'.

6 months - I said no more photos!
I thought if I shut my eyes they wouldn’t be able to see me, but it must have been a magic camera!  I got my first two teeth this month and I also learnt to roll over and over to get from A to B.  Me?  Clever?  Well, thank you!

7 months - Cuddles with Mummy
By now I was able to sit up for quite a long time without toppling over, which was great as I could sit and play with my toys and see what was going on around me.  I also had fun practising my 'mamamamamas'  and 'dadadadadas' at 4am, just to let the folks know I was thinking of them even when we were all supposed to be sleeping.

8 months - Hee hee hee!
I had already learnt how to undress myself by this month and Mummy would quite often find me wondering around with a sock hanging out of my mouth!  My new hobby was grinding my teeth together, it makes a really cool sound.  I also started 'posting' everything under the sofa, just so my Mummy would know where to look if she'd lost anything!

9 months - You can't put something in front of me and expect me not to chew it!
This was a busy month for me, I learnt to crawl, climb stairs, pull myself up to standing, all sorts of clever stuff!  I discovered lots of things I wasn’t supposed to play with, like DVDs, Mummy’s computer, remotes and phones.  Why do grown ups get all the fun toys?!  

10 months - Butter would not melt
This month I learnt what the word 'NO!' means.  It basically means 'bite'.  I worked this out when I bit Mummy's arm and she said 'NO!' so I put 2 and 2 together and I'm pretty sure that makes 5, right?  I decided to test my theory on Daddy, he said 'NO!' too, so I must be right. 

11 months - Cheeky beyond words
I took my first steps this month, all by myself!  The only problem was I got it a bit mixed up.  Most babies get their balance before their confidence but I did it the other way around, just let go and went for it.  This was a fun month for Mummy and Daddy as they had to follow me everywhere and get ready to catch me when I fell over… I think they enjoyed that game!  

12 months - After my haircut
This new ‘walking’ business is lots of fun, especially the falling over bit!  I’m getting much better at it now and can take quite a few steps before I fall over.  Although when Mummy cut my hair it did throw me off balance a bit - I could see perfectly well when it was over my eyes!  So that's my first year pretty much summed up, I'm off to see what mischief I can get myself into, so I'll pass you back over to Mummy.  

The Pickle xxx
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