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Ka'lide - The Magnetic Battle Game


I was recently contacted by Blog-Match to ask if I’d like to try the new game Ka’lide by Imagination Games.  Here is what I thought… 

Ka’lide consists of a durable mat and 12 magnetic pucks.  The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by flicking the pucks down the mat onto your scoring side.  However, your opponent can move your pucks by knocking or repelling them with their own pucks, and the points are only awarded when all the pucks have been used up, according to where they have landed at the end of the game.  

Although the game is largely based on skill, there is no way of telling whether your opponents puck is facing magnetic side up or down on the board, so if you plan to knock it with your own puck it may repel instead!  Therefore there is an element of luck involved too.

The game is suitable for 8 years+ but The Princess (who is 6) had no problems playing it and picked the rules up very easily, it also helps with her maths practise!  The only small issue we had was ‘flicking’ the pucks repeatedly hurt our fingers so we slid them across the mat instead.

Each game is quite short, only 2 or 3 minutes, but each round is made up of 3 games.  So it’s ideal if you’re children are easily bored, especially if they are losing, as you can start over again fairly quickly.

I thought the packaging was a little over the top for what the game consisted of.  The pucks could have been rolled up inside the mat and packaged in a small tube instead of a large box to help reduce waste.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and so did The Princess.  I think it would make a great gift and would be ideal for keeping the whole family entertained this Christmas as it can also be played in teams or as a knockout game.  (I know, it’s only October, but I’m trying to be slightly organised this year!)

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