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Teeny Beanies


Florence Fairy Drawstring Bag

I love the drawstring bags from Teeny Beanies!  The bags are quite large and can easily fit a spare set of clothes, a snack and a drink in, so would be ideal for nursery.  They would also make great PE bags for young children starting school and they would find it easy to recognise their own bag as they are so unique.

The Princess took her Florence Fairy bag to the beach and amazingly carried it herself all day (she usually wants to take a bag of her own on days out but gets bored of carrying them and starts complaining).  She’ll also be taking the bag to her dance classes and no doubt everyone else will want one!

As The Princess is the expert on all things pink and girly in our house, I thought I should hand this review over to her…

“The bag is very soft.  It is colourful because it has got 6 different colours but is mostly pink which is my favourite colour.  It is a fairy on the bag and I like fairies because they look nice.”

Melvin Monkey Soft Toy Comforter

The comforters are made from plush suedette cotton fabric so are very ‘touchy-feely’ which makes them great for babies as they love textures.  They are also machine washable which is very useful.

Some of the edges such as the inners of the ears are not perfectly rounded, but I don’t mind this as I like it when handmade products actually look handmade, therefore no two are exactly the same.  The stitching is perfect, there are no loose threads.  It is very soft and cuddly, the padding is great as it is ‘squishy’ but reforms very quickly.

There are many more cute Teeny Beanies characters at www.teenybeanies.co.uk where you can also buy bean bags, cushions, wheat & lavender hotties and bunting.  It’s a great little website if you’re looking for handmade gifts.

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