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The Pickle's Look of the Month - Emile et Rose


I love this outfit from Emile et Rose!

It is a 3 piece outfit consisting of a cream long sleeved bodysuit, beige trousers and navy cardigan with cream and beige trim.

The bodysuit gives the look of a shirt underneath the cardigan, as it has a collar and fastens with buttons down the front.  I usually find shirts come untucked very easily on a baby and tend to ride up and get creased.  So this has the cuteness of a shirt but the advantage of staying in place.  The trousers have an elasticated waist for comfort and are lovely and soft.  The cardigan is also very soft and would not be at all itchy or irritating against a baby’s skin.  The bodysuit and cardigan are both made from 100% cotton, while the trousers are 95% cotton, 5% elastane.

(Detail on the trousers)

All three pieces can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried on a low heat.  The outfit has been through the wash twice now and looks just as it did when it first arrived.  I try to avoid tumble drying clothes where possible, but for the purpose of this review I dried the outfit on a low heat and it came out absolutely fine and kept its shape beautifully.

The Pickle is 11 months old and weighs just over 22lbs, so I opted for the 12 month size.  It fits nicely but there is plenty of room for him to grow into it in the next few months, so I would say their sizing is just right.

(Detail on the cardigan)

The quality of the outfit is fantastic and it arrived beautifully presented on a wooden Emile et Rose hanger, making it a perfect luxury gift.

This is a great little outfit for the Autumn and Winter months if you're looking for something traditional but not dated.  Visit www.emile-et-rose.co.uk for more information.
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