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Photography from a 6 year old


Here is a selection of photos taken by The Princess with a Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera on a recent trip to the beach...

The camera is just the right size for little hands, it’s chunky enough to grip and the buttons are large enough to press easily. 

It isn’t the best camera in the world, but it doesn’t claim to be.  It is a child’s first camera and is great for that purpose.  The Princess has had lots of fun taking photos of anything and everything and really enjoys using the camera.   I was a bit worried about the quality of the photos at first as the small screen on the back of the camera is very blocky and unclear, but when we uploaded the photos to the computer the quality of the images was much better.  The images aren’t always clear and outdoor pictures taken in bright sunlight come out much better than indoor ones.

The camera is aimed at young children aged 3 years and upwards and is designed not to break when dropped.  The Princess has dropped her camera many times and it is still in perfect working order!  We’ll continue to use this until she is able to hold on to it securely before we think about buying her a ‘grown up’ camera. 

The camera is a little expensive considering the quality of the images, but I would rather buy something like this than a ‘proper’ camera for a young child as it is less likely to get broken.

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera is available from Argos and Tesco.
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