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Inch Blue shoes


The Pickle is not a fan of shoes.  To be honest he’s not a fan of much really, but especially shoes.  Or at least wearing them anyway.  Whenever I attempt to put shoes on his feet he will immediately take them off and chew them.  He’s the same with socks, I’ll often find him playing with his toys whilst chewing on a sock.  But the clever people at Inch Blue know that babies like to do this, so they make their shoes elasticated, instead of using Velcro.  The Pickle was baffled by this and although he persevered for quite some time, did not manage to get the shoes off… he is actually napping in them right now!

The design we are trying out are the Star Sandals in baby blue, RRP £18.  I’m hoping for a few more weeks of nice weather so The Pickle can wear them outdoors, but they will also be ideal for wearing around the house in Winter as they have a suede sole which helps to stop him from slipping on the laminate floor.

Looking at Inch Blue’s sizing chart, The Pickle seemed to be between sizes so I opted for the larger size as he does have quite chubby feet!  The sizing actually seems quite generous though and these went on his feet very easily (I usually have a struggle getting shoes to go on in the first place, never mind stay on!) and he has plenty of room to grow into these.
Inch Blue shoes are handmade in the UK from soft natural leather and come in a huge range of gorgeous designs to suit all occasions.  They make ideal gifts as they are very good quality and come in cute little gift bags.  For more information visit www.inch-blue.com (Have a look at their adorable ‘Festive Feet’ collection for some Christmas gift ideas!)
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