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The Pickle has been sent a very cool little T-shirt from Rockabye-Baby for me to review.  
Rockabye-Baby clothing was established in 2006 by Emma Parkes-McQueen as an alternative to ‘mainstream cute’.  It is an ethical company which enables flexible working for mothers, including proper wages and cake breaks (sounds like my kind of company!)

The T-shirt arrived in possibly the best packaging I have ever seen – a 10” record sleeve, making it an ideal gift.
The first thing I noticed about the T-shirt was the quality and thickness of the fabric, which looks like it could withstand a fair amount of toddler wear and tear!   It is made from 100% luxury cotton and the inks used are PVC free, so there are no ‘nasties’ next to baby’s skin.

The washing instructions are on a sticker rather than on a label, so there is nothing to rub and irritate little one’s skin.  The only problem is having to remember to always wash it on a 30 degree wash, but I usually wash at this temperature anyway, unless something has been left in the washing basket for a few days with food firmly stuck to it!  The T-shirt has now been through the wash a couple of times and is still just as soft as when it arrived.

I found the sizing quite generous.  The Pickle is almost 11 months old now and weighs 22lbs but there is plenty of room in the 9-12 months tee.

I like the Rockabye-Baby range as it is cute but a little bit different.  The designs are bright and bold and not something you would normally find when shopping for baby clothing.  As well as the T-shirt featured here I also love the ‘A is for Anarchy’ design and there are also some gorgeous girly items and frilly over-nappy pants.

Although the items from Rockabye-Baby are a little pricey, you really do get what you pay for.  There is a huge difference in quality between this and an item from a cheaper brand.  Although I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy all The Pickle’s clothing from here, I will definitely buy one or two special outfits and will also keep it in mind for buying gifts.
The ‘Mum Dad Tattoo’ tee is £16.99 from www.rockabye-baby.com along with a whole range of other ‘cute but cool’ designs and no pastel colours or teddy motifs in sight!
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