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The Natural Store - Beaming Baby Organic Starter Pack


This week The Pickle and I have been testing out the Beaming Baby Organic Starter Pack from The Natural Store. 

The pack contains Organic Wipes, Bubble Bath, Shampoo Bodywash and Baby Lotion.  I love the packaging for the set.  The bottles are made from brightly coloured recycled plastic and can be recycled again.  The outer packaging is just plain and simple cardboard (which is compostable and will degrade within 25 weeks) but looks very stylish and would make a lovely gift for a new baby.
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will already know I prefer to use baby products which don’t contain harsh chemicals and potential irritants.  So looking on the back of the pack of wipes I was happy to recognise all the ingredients and they do not contain alcohol, parabens, SLS or chlorine.  The lotion in the wipes contains over 95% organic ingredients and the fabric for the wipes themselves comes from sustainable forests.  The wipes are flushable and 100% biodegradable.  Each pack contains 70ml of organic Aloe Vera which soothes and moisturises baby’s skin. 

The wipes are fairly thick and strong, they don’t rip easily.  They don’t have an overpowering scent, just nice and natural.  They clean up mess just as well as leading brand wipes and I also find them useful for removing make up as I have sensitive and dry skin so the Aloe Vera is very moisturising and refreshing.  Luckily The Pickle has never had a problem with nappy rash, but I’m sure these wipes would be quite soothing for babies who do.

After The Pickle got very messy eating his dinner one evening I decided it would be a good opportunity to test the bath time products and see just how good they were!  

I poured a little of the Organic Bubble Bath into the warm running water.  It had a very subtle scent and foamed slightly but not as much as other brands (due to it not containing the chemical foaming agent SLS).  What it does contain is over 70% organic ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Orange Blossom.

I washed The Pickle’s hair and body with the Organic Shampoo Bodywash.  Again, this has a subtle scent, contains Aloe Vera and Orange Blossom and no chemical ‘nasties’.  After a few minutes The Pickle was squeaky clean again and almost ready for bed time!

It’s never an easy task applying any sort of moisturising lotion or oil to The Pickle as he is a very wriggly baby and does not like to lie still for long!  The flip-top cap on the Organic Baby Lotion does help to make this task a little less difficult.  It is also quite light and absorbs into the skin easily.  Once again, the scent is not at all overpowering and it contains over 90% organic ingredients. 

I was also sent a Beaming Baby Bio-degradable scented nappy to try.  The packaging states that these nappies are designed to last up to 12 hours, so I thought I’d try this overnight as The Pickle usually sleeps through (and I generally use reusable nappies during the day anyway).  The Beaming Baby nappies contain 30% less chemicals than standard nappies and have added chamomile to protect baby’s delicate skin.  The nappy appeared to be of good quality and reasonably soft compared to other brands I have used.  I am pleased to report the nappy did make it through the night, it was reasonably heavy in the morning but it had not leaked and The Pickle’s skin did not appear irritated at all.  I honestly didn’t expect the nappy to get through the night leak-free as we have tried many different types of reusables and disposables and only found one of the leading brands to get through the night (The Pickle does wee for England!) so I was very impressed with these.

The Organic Starter Set is £14.49 and a pack of 38 nappies is £7.99 from www.thenaturalstore.co.uk  and they also offer a free nappy sample to try before you buy!  It’s a lovely website selling all kinds of lovely ethical items and definately worth a browse.
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