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Zing Photography

Looking through some old photos, I came across this stunning one of The Princess, when she was 3, taken by Amber at Zing Photography.

I instantly remembered how sulky and uncooperative (to say the least) The Princess had been that day, yet Amber was not put off by this and we came away with a CD of almost 100 beautiful photos, and a few not so bad ones of myself and hubby too!

Amber was so friendly and professional and I am still amazed at how she managed to take such a lovely collection of photos of an incredibly grumpy child!

To look at the photos you wouldn’t believe they were taken in a small fitting room at a Blooming Marvellous store!  Zing have now moved on to much bigger and better things and have their own studio at Debenhams, Guildford, also offering home visits if it is more convenient for you. 

To book a session or for more information phone 0800 78 10 877 or visit www.zingphotography.co.uk
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