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The Wardroble


It was late one evening and I misspelt the word ‘wardrobe’ (I can’t remember why I was writing about wardrobes) and instead wrote ‘wardroble’.  I asked my husband if he had heard of a ‘wardroble’ and he replied:

“I believe a 'wardroble' is a creature that can usually be found within wardrobes. They are shy in nature but have a particular affection for carrots dipped in honey. Though cute to look at, it should be warned that should you take away their food, they can bite.”

And so the Wardroble was born.

The Princess loves writing stories so when we told her about the Wardroble she couldn’t wait to borrow Daddy’s laptop and start writing!  We encourage her to use her imagination and creativity as much as possible and she is just beginning to use more adjectives in her work.  She has written a lovely story about the Wardroble so I thought I’d share it with you.

The Wardroble
by The Princess.

One day I saw a furry brown and yellow spotty little creature in my wardrobe.  So I called Mummy and Daddy and they came up and said don’t worry it’s only a Wardroble, they are very friendly but a bit cheeky so watch out!  Then Mummy and Daddy went downstairs and I started playing with my toy animals.  The Wardroble got into lots of mischief while I was playing with my animals because he quietly put all my toys on my floor. When I had finished playing with my animals I turned around and it was an absolute mess and I had to tidy it all up, it was extremely boring.  Then at lunch time I gave the Wardroble a carrot to eat and went downstairs for my lunch.  After lunch he had made a great big mess and there were bits of carrot everywhere so I had to tidy up all over again.  In the afternoon I wanted to go outside but I couldn’t decide what to wear, so I took all my clothes out of the wardrobe and left them on the floor.  While I was outside I heard a strange noise coming from by bedroom and I wondered what the naughty Wardroble was up to this time.  I ran upstairs to find out and he had tidied all my clothes away for me, what a lovely, kind Wardroble!

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