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VTech First Steps Baby Walker


I bought this product back in 2006 for my daughter and now my 9 month old son is using it.  They have both loved this walker, it has stood the test of time and still works perfectly, despite having been ‘crashed’ into furniture on numerous occasions!

The front is removable and babies can enjoy playing with this as soon as they are able to sit up.  The large buttons are easy for little fingers to press and baby is rewarded with lights, sounds and music, encouraging them to explore and develop motor skills.  My little boy absolutely loves the puppy button and gets very excited when the ‘hello baby’ song starts!

Older babies are able to pull themselves up and push the walker along.  It is sturdy and doesn’t tip up like some walkers do.  It’s great for getting from one side of the room to the other! 

The only downside is that we have lost the rattling phone part and I feel this could be improved by attaching it to the walker by a cord.  However, babies do seem to love the role play of picking the phone up and being able to use it independently of the walker.  My daughter used to ‘chat’ for hours on this phone!  I’ve also found that you can purchase the spare part on the Vtech website for just £5.99.

I would definitely recommend this product, It is easy to clean, easy to store and it keeps the little ones entertained for hours – there are so many different activities to keep them amused.  Not only does it introduce baby to letters, numbers and colours, but it also helps to give them the confidence to walk – great value for money.

The Vtech First Steps Walker is suitable for 6 – 30 months and is also available in pink.
Retails at £29.99 at www.vtechuk.com
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