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Baby Zilli

Baby Zilli was launched earlier this year by one of the UK’s most popular chefs Aldo Zilli and entrepreneur Dean Dunham.  The range is organic, contains no rubbish and claims it is “Good enough for mamma and papa to eat”!

We received 4 pouches of the Baby Zilli range to try:
Potato and Lamb Stew (stage 2, from 6 months)
Fruit Berry Crumble (stage 2, from 6 months)
Pasta Pomodoro  (stage 3, from 9 months)
Cock-a-Leekie (stage 3, from 9 months)

The Pickle had been a bit under the weather so I didn’t expect him to eat much but thought we’d give one of the stage 2 pouches a go.  We tried the Potato and Lamb Stew and he ate the lot!  The smell of this recipe was lovely, with a hint of mint.  He even had room for a few spoonfuls of the Fruit Berry Crumble pudding too.  I had a little taste of this and thought it was a bit sour but The Pickle enjoyed it so that’s the main thing.
The following day The Pickle tried the stage 3 pouch of Pasta Pomodoro for lunch and he really enjoyed it – see the photo for evidence!  Again the smell of this was amazing and it actually looked appealing too, with identifiable ingredients, not just lumpy mush like some baby foods!
He didn’t seem too keen on the Cock-a-Leekie but it may have been because he was a bit sleepy when we tried it.  Again, it looked and smelt nice, although not quite as good as the others in my opinion.

The packaging is bold and modern and the pouches are so convenient.  As I’ve mentioned before, The Pickle usually eats what the rest of the family eat, but there are times when this is not possible, like on the very rare occasion we treat ourselves to a takeaway.  I would certainly use Baby Zilli products again, especially the Pasta Pomodoro which definitely seemed to be The Pickle’s favourite.

I really like the Baby Zilli range and you can see from the photos my little boy is a big fan too.  The packaging is great, the recipes are far from bland and all smell delicious.  Overall I was very impressed with them.   

For more information on the products visit www.zillibaby.co.uk

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