Monday, 26 January 2015

One, tutu, three... Team Honk & the Comic Relief Danceathon

Red Nose Day 2015 is just around the corner and we're back again hoping to raise lots of money for Comic Relief!

Myself and good friend, Kate, will be dancing alongside the likes of Claudia Winkleman and Arlene Phillips at the official Comic Relief Danceathon at Wembley this March!  Just a couple of months too young to take part, my daughter will be making her own red nose day routine at home (with her own Stomp inspired soundtrack - and while painting a giant red nose!), along with another colouring competition and some fab button art!


So, back to the Danceathon...  

I studied dance at Uni, back in the good old days when The University of Winchester was known as King Alfred's College.  Yet, while other very lucky uber-talented dancers from my course went on to perform with the likes of Take That, I, well I didn't.  So please lower your expectations... it's been a while!  But I did recently have my 15 seconds of YouTube fame here and got to perform with a 'real' dancing dinosaur - thanks Marwell!

The very talented Briony Albert dancing with Take That at Manchester Stadium

Kate and I have completed a fair few Danceathons in our time.  There was the 10 hour one we organised while at college and... OK, so that's the only real Danceathon we've done but I guess all the hours we spent on the dancefloors of the likes of Time and Plug count too...  Oh and the week we spent in Ibiza, it was all adding up to this moment!  There will be a bar at the Danceathon, right?!

Anyway, fast forward ten years, two babies, zero exercise and a fair bit of sciatica and the honest truth is I'm totally unprepared for 6 whole hours of dancing.  So, the training has started, I'm Zumba-ing (is that a word?) my way back into some sort of shape (any shape will do) in the hope I don't fall over in a heap 6 minutes in.  Whatever happens, I must remember to style it out with jazz hands and all will be fine!

A little about Team Honk

So, Team Honk, a fabulous community of fundraising bloggers, first started raising money for Comic Relief back in 2013, climbing mountains and chopping off their hair to raise close to £10,000.  My daughter learnt 25 different styles of dance, putting them all together into one routine (see the video here), raising £80 and she is very excited to be putting together a new Stomp-inspired routine this year, which I look forward to sharing with you soon! (Click here to sponsor her)

For 2014's Sport Relief, Team Honk completed an epic relay across the UK, raising just over £30,000.  We did our bit as a family and braved some truly awful weather last February to do a one mile 'sponsored splash' through the New Forest.  It was pretty much just one big puddle!

So, this year Comic Relief have reserved 500 of their 2000 Danceathon places for Team Honk, which I'm very proud to be part of.  And this year the target is £100,000.

How you can help

The minimum amount Comic Relief would like each Danceathon participant to raise is £150.  So, if you'd like to sponsor us here we'd really appreciate it.  

Oh.  Did I mention Kate and I will be dressed in Where's Wally outfits too? 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Red Nose Day Colouring Page

Here is my daughter's fabulously crazy 'red noses' colouring sheet for you to print and colour, fill in the blanks, stick things on, whatever you like!

By posting your finished masterpiece to The Princess and The Pickle's facebook page or tweeting it to us, you'll be in with a chance of winning some great prizes (more details to follow shortly!)

This is to help raise money for Comic Relief, so we'd really appreciate everyone who enters making a donation here if you can. Thank you.

Competition closing date Monday 16th March 2015.
Open to all ages.  UK residents only.

Making 1D and Olly Murs button art for Red Nose Day


My daughter has been busy creating button art for Red Nose Day and here's her step by step guide so you can make your own!

Red Nose Day themed button pictures 


You'll need a square piece of thick card or mount board or thin piece of wood, painted white.

Use a bowl to draw around to make a circle, or 'red nose'.  


Draw on your design - a logo, your initials, whatever you like, as long as it's not too detailed.


Cover the circle in craft glue and use a selection of large and small buttons to make the design.  Start with the black ones for the logo then fill in the rest of the circle with red.


If you liked this, please donate some money to Comic Relief here!

Or you can have your own personalised button picture with your initials if you make a donation of £10 or more*

*(limited availability, depending on amount of buttons and amount of homework! Please email for details)